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Order of Salvation : Printables that Teach

October 9, 2017

If you have been following for a while, you’ll know that I love to plaster the back of my toilet door with Printables that Teach.   When I read Pastor Wes Bredenhof’s article about the Order of Salvation, I knew that our toilet door needed this simple, yet succinct explanation of these concepts. 

Just click on the link below and print out a version for yourself. You might like to add a little colour by getting your kids to colour in the outlined letters. 

Printables that Teach : Order of Salvation PDF

You can find Pastor Bredenhof’s blog here :



God’s Word Never Returns Empty : Printables that Teach

May 9, 2017

isaiah 5511Verse 10 of the 55th chapter of Isaiah talks about how rain and snow come down from heaven and is never wasted, but accomplish God’s purpose.  Then in verse 11 we are told that God’s Word is the same – it goes out and never returns empty. 

When we understand what the word ’empty’ means, we understand the text. God’s Word won’t come back unfulfilled or unsuccessful. 

God’s purpose is to bring his people into the richness and fullness of eternal life. Our good intentions always fail, and others will always let us down, but God’s promises succeed. This teaches us so much about the character of God, who is sovereign and all powerful. He uses his Words to 1. accomplish what he purposes and 2. to succeed in the thing for which he sent it.  

Isaiah 55:11 is for believers as much as it is for unbelievers. When God’s Word goes out, it either lands on the good soil, the rocky soil, it gets choked with thorns or trampled on by passersby. 

What we do with the Word is a huge responsibility. It must be a priority in our lives, and when we use it to it’s fullest potential, we know that God will bless it. This will take time and discipline, it won’t come naturally for most, as other things will crowd God’s Word out in our busy and distracted lives. Our goal to be ‘in the Word’ is not to know all the facts and minute details, it is intended to change our hearts and lives and so conform to who God wants us to be – and that is imitators of Christ.

What practical ideas can you share that help you ‘be in the Word’ on a daily basis? What helps you stay focussed? 

High res PDF here Isaiah 55:11 


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