How to use your Bible Journal

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So, why should you read your bible daily? Let’s have a look at God’s word for that..

  1. It will make you wise about why you call yourself a Christian.  2 Timothy 3:15
  2. It will bring you closer in your relationship with God. Matt 11:27
  3. It will help you fight the fight! It will help you fight against temptation, your struggles, your sin. The bible is full of stories of people who stuffed up, there are robbers, adulterers, harlots, fraudulent people. God put those stories in the Bible for a reason 1 Cor. 10:1-13
  4. It will nourish your soul. Psalm 1:2-3  Phil 4:13
  5. God’s word gives us comfort at times when we might suffer, be afraid, etc. The world promises happiness in wealth, popularity and material goods. It anchors our soul when we are tossed to and thro. Psalm 119:50
  6. More Christ Like – Spending more time with God, and Christ, will make us more like them.
  7. Become a blessing. God’s word will transform your attitude and behaviour. It will allow you to be a blessing where you are. You will be able to shine as lights in a dreary and sad world.

What to study?

The whole bible and use a plan! I’m using this one. The Discipleship Journalling Bible Plan

Why read the whole bible and why use a plan?

  • Don’t pick and choose, it’s all there for our benefit and God made no mistake having one of his servants write some of the more (laborious) books in the bible! All scripture is profitable as Paul 2 Tim 3: 16 Those books with lists.. why do we need to read them? Those lists are proof for us that God keeps his promises. Every single tribe, every family, every father, every son ; they all point to one thing.. Christ. Nancy Guthrie, in a Desiring God article says of the laborious detail given of the tabernacle “The detail of the tabernacle and temple design reminds us of Eden and fills us with anticipation for the beauty and perfection of the new heavens and new earth”
  • Read the whole Bible, see the whole picture. From a young age we are taught about God’s Redemptive History for his people. From the first word to the very last, we can read the story of Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Restoration in all the individual little stories, in the lives of all those that God chose to use in His story.
  • Don’t pick things to read each day that is bound to make you ‘feel good”. Your Bible is not a self-help manual! Sometimes we want something out of the Bible to make us feel good, to make it all better. Using a plan puts you in the position of allowing God to work through what is on that schedule for today, and allowing you to apply it to your life!
  • Don’t use the bible to promote your hobbyhorse. We all have our passions; we all have our things that we want EVERYONE to know. Don’t use the bible to make you look better. The bible is there to sharpen you, to soften you, to rebuke you, to encourage you, using all the bits!
  •  Use a plan as a daily reminder of where you are, where you’ve been and where you are headed. Use a plan to keep yourself accountable.


  1. Set aside time. It’s kinda like making an appointment with God. Find a time that suits you. For me it’s in the morning before everyone is up. My biggest tip is: Just start.
  2. Get prepared. Gather what you need and make sure that everything you need stays in that one spot. It might be in your handbag or satchel. It might be on a shelf, it might be on your bedside table. You’ll need a bible, a  journaling book, pen. I always have my bible dictionary by my side and these two books.. (weirsbe). Find a place to study that is free from distraction. Switch off devices.
  3. Prepare your heart. Come to God in prayer. Confess before you start so that you can have a peaceful study time. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you a clear head to learn something new today 1 John 2:27 . Ask God to work in your life through what you are about to study.
  4. Start!
  5. Read your portion for the day, write that down and date your journal.
  6. Write out a key verse, making sure you note down what verse it is exactly.
  7. Explore and Interpret (Write down anything new, anything that really strikes your heart, anything that really reminds you of the glory of God. Is it a promise? Is it a warning? Is it an encouragement? Is it a reminder of the redemptive history of our Lord?
  8. How can you apply this to your daily life? What do you need to take from this portion? From the Macarthur study bible “You must let God’s truth penetrate and change your life. Studying Scripture without allowing it to penetrate to the depths of your soul would be like preparing a banquet without eating it. The bottom-line question to ask is, “How do the divine truths and principles contained in any passage apply to me in terms of my attitude and actions?” If there is a command to be obeyed, obey it. If there is a promise to be embraced, claim it. If there is a warning to be followed, heed it. This is the ultimate step: submit to Scripture and let it transform your life.”
  9. Write down a few things that you are thankful for today. Everyone always has something. It could be something really little like ‘Thank you for the beautiful sky” or it could be something really big like “Thank you for this day”
  10. Write out a few prayer points.

Remember, this is YOUR journal. I can not stress enough that if you want to do this, do it prayerfully. Ask God to help you. He will and it will be blessed.

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God’s blessings for your journey into His Word!

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