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eight months

May 5, 2015


Jacob, our little eight month old whirlwind! 

Crawling, standing, climbing and cruising about in his walker. 

Loving every meal and is quite keen on the ol’ bowl of custard. 

Splashing in the bath and loving it when he drenches whoever is with him.

Sleeping through the night like a trooper, except in a tent of course. 

DSC_0260 DSC_0254

Cutting down from three sleeps to two during the day.

Loves holding his own bottle, in his own tight fist clenched way. 

Head wobbles and claps when someone sings him a song. 

Drops his bottom lip like a pro when he hears the word “No.”

Loves seeing his siblings after their day at school. You wouldn’t be able to wipe that smile off his face, even if you tried. 

You make our life busier, but so much fuller. 

Four more months and you will be one. 



Photo Journal :: Sunday

March 16, 2015

DSC_0706Apple cake




Chive flowers


Birds eye view by Keeks


The lovely eucalypts we get to enjoy from over the fence


Icebergs enjoying the heat and rain


The Lilly Pilly tree is full of berries again. This year we won’t be making jam


Board games. This one is Monopoly city – great for older kids! A little person was watching from his highchair. 

DSC_0737Her ‘studio’

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