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A Bunch of Special Women

May 12, 2017


Sunday will be a day where mothers all over Australia are spoiled with handmade cards, store bought flowers and gifts. For some it is the only day that a cuppa arrives for them in bed, or if you are lucky, it will be accompanied with a piece of cold, under-toasted bread with Vegemite spread way too thickly. It’s a day of pampering, spoiling and hopefully a bit of a day off from the normal motherly duties.  It’s a hallmark day invented to honour the roll of mothers. 

But for some women, Sunday will be a tough day. It’s a tangible yearly reminder that they are not mothers.  

This post is for these women in my life. 

Thank you for the time you spend in my family. 

Thank you for the attention you pay to my children. 

Thank you for acknowledging their individuality. 

Thank you for mentoring them when they need it. 

Thank you for spoiling them.

Thank you for being there for me as a mum. 

Thank you for rejoicing with me when our family expanded.

Thank you for your time and your patience.

Thank you for the little things and know that these small things take up the most room in my heart.

You are worth more than a milky cup of tea, or another pair of bed socks. 


*A re-post and edit of an old Mother's Day post
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Lately: What I’m Reading, Listening to and Watching.

October 25, 2016


Oh, I have so many good things to share with you. 

What I am Reading..

One Christian Dad

Ryan is a blogger who was recently diagnosed with testicular cancer. What sets him apart from other cancer stories you may read on the web is that he is a Christian Dad who has cancer and currently undergoing treatment!  Read his story here ->

The Better Mom

There was another post I was going to highlight from The Better Mom blog today,  but this morning I read this one as it came across my blog feed.  Six Ways to Recognize You Are Accepted – in the light of being a mum, and specifically in relation to how you deal with situations with your children. 

Grown & Gathered

If you like to think of yourself as someone who is, or wishes to become kinda self-sufficient by growing and gathering food from your backyard and neighbourhood, this book is for you. It is so delightful that I may have hugged it when I opened it for the first time. The photos are amazing, the written work is inspiring and well, it’s just lovely! Buy it at most good bookstores or department stores. Take a sneak peak here ->

What I am Listening to..

Keith & Kristin Getty

Celtic Thunder (Mock me if you will..)

I am N- The Voice of the Martyrs via Audible. These stories are not for the fainthearted, but a good reminder of how God is gathering, defending and preserving His Church in the Middle East. 

What I am watching..

Mary & Martha

A movie about two mother’s who lose their sons to Malaria. Their paths collide and together they learn to deal with their grief by helping others. Watch the preview here ->

Loving your Neighbours

Short and sweet little video about stepping out of your comfort zone to meet your neighbours and start developing meaningful relationships. 

What have you read, listened to or watched lately? 

Let me know in the comments! Inspire me!

Family Life

Hey Mr J

October 25, 2016


Oh, Mr Jacob, I love you to bits. 

Not a day goes past where I don’t thank God for you being our surprise baby.

You are now two and you have well and truly developed your own character which fluctuates between model, placid child, and noisy strong-willed child on an hourly basis. 

Words and copying everything we say is something you love right now. Running through the house yelling ‘Just perfect, just perfect,’ was new for today! 

Sleeping is still one of your favourite pastimes and you remind me of the teenagers in the house with your ‘leave alone, Jake’s sleeping’ quips in the morning when you need to get out of bed because we need to get the older kids to school. The little wiggle you do to let us know that you’d like your back rubbed is cute now.. Let’s just hope you grow out of that one. 


You watch everything we do and you are quick to work out how things work. Going for a drive means we are all reminded to shut the garage door, turn on the car and put on our seatbelts. Phew, we are glad we have you around, as I am sure we’d forget sometimes! 

Sometimes you wear me out and then I’m glad you love jumping into bed with me for a nanna nap in the afternoon. 

You are a true boy and you love to get wet, dirty and do things with the boys like helping in the garage or in the garden. Bunnings is a Saturday morning favourite. You have a love/hate relationship with Tonka and watching you interact with him is hilarious. One moment he is your big buddy, the next you are screaming blue murder at him. Bundy, well, Bundy has learned with the other kids that it’s best to give a wide berth when those humans are so little. 

Having Chiara home is something you are loving right now and I have a slight suspicion that you love her more than me, even though you are so smart in saying that “Jake loves Mum!” when asked. 

You are at a fantastic age and I love these days, but please stay little for just a wee while longer. 

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. James 1:17 ESV



Family Life

The Joy of Dressing up

June 28, 2016


It makes a mess, you can never quite get over just how much stuff is in that dress up box, you spend more time adjusting their hat or veil, but oh boy, children have so much joy dressing up! 

Dressing up not only encourages imagination,  it also helps develop fine motor skills, and broadens your child’s vocabulary. 

Having random pieces, and things that can have multiple uses is perfect for a dress up box!

DSC_0092 DSC_0099

Some things you could start a dress up box with:

shoes, scarves, necklaces, hats, skirts, vests, dresses, sheets, pegs, fake flowers, socks, aprons, belts, bags, ice cream containers.

A fabulous article about children learning through dressing up can be found here @ Mom.Me


What is a favourite piece in your children’s dress up box ?


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