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If you have just arrived at my blog – Welcome and Hello!

I’m Tash. I live in a southern suburb of Perth, Western Australia with my hubby, four kids and one blonde fur-ball of a dog. I blog so that I can share with you the things that make me feel content with who I am right now.

Spend some time and browse around, you will find posts about cooking, creating, gardening, my family, my faith and other little bits and pieces. 

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Follow this link if you would like to join in with the ‘Little Bit of Thyme’ community on Facebook.  We talk about random things and I post and share things I have seen on my daily interweb walks. We have fun. We don’t take ourselves toooooo seriously.

If you want to know more about me, go have a look at the post “about me“.

My Instagram profile is : littlebitofthyme_

Pinterest: little bit of thyme 

I love feedback. 

If you’d like to contact me, use the form below or flick me an email tash@littlebitofthyme.com


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