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August 25, 2017


A friend asked me why I hadn’t written anything about the vote happening in Australia in a few weeks.

Thinking about it today, I guess I hadn’t written anything because it’s scary territory. Say you are voting yes or no and a barrage of name-calling and condemnation ensues. There are a lot of passionate views surrounding this vote.

I have written things in the past and it wasn’t pretty.  However, I’m not scared of the fall out, in fact I feel that I probably deserve anything I cop if I am willing to put my neck out there. 

I will be voting no.

I can’t vote yes as it would be against everything I believe in. You see, my faith is something that makes me who I am and determines how I act. This is one of those determining moments. 

If you don’t have the same beliefs as me, this is probably something difficult for you to understand. A friend once suggested to me that this situation is like two trains on two tracks going in opposite directions – you are never going to meet unless one person decides to hit the brakes, push that lever and go in the same direction as the other. My request would be for anyone on the other train, unwilling to hit the brakes and turn around, to be respectful of my views as much as I will be respectful of yours.

My no vote is not only based on my beliefs, but also unease of what the fall out will be in Australian society.

I believe that standard human rights and children’s rights are in jeopardy. 

And also religious liberty.

Our Australian Government has a lot of work to do in addressing these areas of concern and my prayers are actually for that right now.

Whether the yes or the no vote gets in, it won’t change who I am or in whom my trust is. I have a huge amount of comfort in what I believe and I have a blessed assurance of better things to come.

I’m not going to quote texts online and out of context, if you are curious, I’d rather have a cuppa face to face with you. I won’t be adding a frame to my Facebook profile picture as for me Facebook is not my personal political soapbox – shouldn’t your Facebook friends know what you stand for anyway? I won’t add my clicks to bean counter polls or share articles that I know will hurt the other side, even if I believe it speaks the truth.

I will be careful about what I post and what I say. I will try to be quick to listen and slow to speak.. or type.

Most of all, I’ll keep an eye on my letterbox, make sure I complete the ballot paper and send it in. I’m thankful for our democratic values and grateful for the opportunity to vote in freedom.

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  • Gloria Terpstra August 26, 2017 at 7:46 am

    Well written Tash. I agree with you on all points in this post.

    • Tash August 29, 2017 at 11:12 pm

      Thanks Gloria! x


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