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Rubbish in, Rubbish out

July 29, 2016

Rubbish in, Rubbish out-2

Rubbish in, rubbish out.

I first heard this quote used in the context of Christian living at a Christian Women’s Conference about five years ago. In the speech, the speaker asked the question “How can you expect anyone to live a sanctified life honouring to God if there was constant rubbish in? If the majority of information going in is rubbish, most of the output will be rubbish as well.” 

If we want to live a life pleasing to God, a life full of thankful living, we need to consider this and the bible text from Proverbs 15:14The heart of him who has understanding seeks knowledge, But the mouth of fools feeds on foolishness.”

If we want to have our lives transformed by Him and His Word, we need to be decluttering our minds, stripping the crap daily, purging the garbage and filling it up with His goodness alone. 

What does this look like and how can you get rid of all that rubbish that invites Satan in?


Imagine that Jesus is by your side in all that you do. 


Invite Him to look at what books you have on your shelf. 

Ask Him to review the television shows that you watch. 

Ask Him to look at your Facebook feed.

Ask Him to look at your internet browser history.


Are you filling your mind with a facebook feed full of garbage from women who seem to only be able to speak ill of their husbands and children and use expletives as adjectives?

Are you spending your time watching tv shows that glorify death, make a mockery of the institution of marriage or encourage consumerism and materialism?

Are you caught up in reading trashy novels that glorify adultery?

Is the highlight of your day the moment you open your social media and scroll through countless accounts of people shilling their wares or baring their bodies?


Go through your house. Purge the garbage. Throw out those books, those magazines that only make you covet, those dvd’s you wouldn’t share with your pastor. Edit your iTunes account and delete all the music you know isn’t worthy of the Lord. 

Cull the crappy pages you follow. Don’t switch the tv on when trashy shows like The Batchelor is about to air. 


Pick up a good book. Read a wholesome article. Ring someone and let them know you are looking out for them. Look for the beautiful things that God has created during your day. Choose a chapter in the Bible to study. Do a chore that you know will bless someone in your life. Put on some God honouring music that will remind you of the wonderful gift He has given you. 


Cut out the rubbish. 

Jesus’ sacrifice for you demands it.


Two things to read:

My Heart, Christ’s Home

The Battle for Your Mind (NOT the Joyce Meyer book!!!!)

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  • Kevin Watkins August 1, 2016 at 7:08 pm

    Yes. Get rid of the rubbish. You don’t need it.
    Kevin Watkins recently posted…Hand Balancing Made Easy ReviewMy Profile

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