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Where Will Your Vulnerability Lead You?

July 18, 2016


Putting yourself in a position where you feel vulnerable is not the type of thing we choose to put on our ‘to do’ list, is it?

I think when Brené Brown recited this quote she wasn’t talking about the primary dictionary definition of the word vulnerable which means ‘exposed to the possibility of attack,’ but rather the alternative definition; exposed and unguarded. Purposefully placing yourself in a position where you will be unfamiliar with the circumstance, uncertain of how things will pan out and stepping outside of your comfort box is how I see this type of vulnerability.

The last time I felt exposed would have been when I turned up to a social media workshop just last week. As I was driving there it occurred to me that there would be bloggers, probably writers, definitely social media people and maybe some small business owners present. The blogger group terrified me, as I had distanced myself from previous ‘blogging tribes’ I had connected myself to in the past and the circumstances which led to me making that decision had left quite a nasty taste in my mouth. 

I sat in the car and prayed when I arrived. I needed more than my own strength. Psalm 138:3

From the moment I sat down I knew that this was going to be different. There wasn’t any one-upmanship, no one was hogging the limelight and I realised that I wasn’t the only one who had rolled up with a tonne of vulnerability and self-doubt. The best bit was that this group was mostly made up of women who loved God. I could hear from their stories that He was a very important part of their lives. Integrity and honesty dripped from every story that was shared. 

After the workshop, which felt more like an afternoon tea with long lost friends, I felt like I had gained some of my confidence back. I have a story to tell and there are people who listen to it and look forward to me telling another snippet.  I left with new ideas on where I would focus my energies with my social media platforms, and I left feeling weirdly reassured I wasn’t the only one that doubted her abilities. 

My vulnerabilities lead to inspiring new creativity and it lead to change in how I deal with my self-doubt. 

I stepped out of my comfortable padded box and walked through the pouring rain, and into a cosy place which just felt so right. And God helped me when I needed it, just as He always promises His children!

Is there something you need to step outside your box for?

Is there something that is holding you back because of fear?

Is it other people who are holding you back?

Have you asked God to help you, before you try to do it in your own strength?

Go for it!


Tash x 

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