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July 16, 2016

Another week of school holidays down, four more days to go! It always amazes me just how fast school holidays go, and how even though we plan to do a whole heap, it’s often the lazy days at home that are the most enjoyable. This week I have five photos and five articles that I’d love to share with you. 


  1. Jacob in his cot – always a good sunny, confined spot to get a photo of him. 
  2. Gather and Grow Session at Kent Street Deli, Palm Beach
  3. Lemon and Blueberry Scone Recipe for Thermomix (Blog Post)
  4. Just Plant Something (Blog post)
  5. Gorgeous Silver Dollar Gum leaves foraged from the side of the road. 


  1. You Forgot One Love Language, Mr Cloud by Claire Van Ryn
  2. The Playschool Tragedy for Twentysomethings by Marshall Segal
  3. The Heart of Hospitality by Christina Fox
  4. Letter to an Incomplete, Insecure Teenager by John Piper
  5. Sorry, Not Sorry by Elaine Fraser (on Kin Women)

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Off to make sure everything is ready to roll for the Sunday. Have a wonderful weekend further and if you have the chance, go worship our Holy God tomorrow! 

Psalm 122

Tash x 

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