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June 30, 2016

Online Book Club for Women

I have a confession to make up front as we begin to look at this chapter in Idols of the Heart: When ever I read about the story of Eli and his sons, I think “What a terribly ungodly man”, and yet, I need to remind myself that I am no better than he. I am such a permissive parent sometimes that I have written about this before – find the post here. Eli’s sin is an early example of something that has become the scourge of society. Keep the kids happy at all cost, let them choose whatever makes them happy, don’t guide, don’t discipline – don’t parent.

Anyway, I digress! How beautiful is that paragraph from the Westminster Confession? All those verbs and actions we should be taking each day to honour and love God. Are you like me and fall short, time and time again? If we did exactly what the Catechism asks us to do, then we would be busy all day with magnificent, godly pursuits. The ‘yielding’ and ‘submission’ was a good reminder.

Now, the ‘trusting God with all our heart’ is ANOTHER thing that is hard for me, even though I know it is an area that I struggle with. How much control am I willing to allow God to have? Do I actually trust in God’s promises for me, my husband and my children? How many of His promises do I ignore as I meddle, try to fix things, try to hold onto the reigns and control, control and control? As Fitzpatrick says,

Do you believe that He’s wise, good, and powerful enough to perform all His will and bring you and your family safely to Him? Can you hear Him saying to you, “I am God Almighty”?

We must trust, we must take our hands off the steering wheel! Jesus prays for us, just like He promised that He would be praying for Peter. Jesus had faith in Peter even though his faith was sometimes weak or faltering. “I have prayed for you that your faith may not fail….” Luke 22:32

Jesus praying for us is a comfort we need to remind ourselves about when we doubt our ability to love God fully and fail God time and time again. Especially on the days when all those verbs from Q&A 104 of the Westminster Confession is the furthest from our minds.

God is not shocked with our idolatry. As much as He knows our hearts and struggles, we need to pray for His help and absorb all those beautiful promises He gives in His Word. 

I am really enjoying being reminded of the stories in this book from the Bible about people who were sinners just like you and me. Knowing that God used their stories from thousands of years ago to teach us how we should honour and worship Him, and knowing that He knows EXACTLY what we need to learn each time we open His Word is a huge comfort to me.

What was something that stood out to you in this chapter?

What is something that you had never thought of before?

Anything you read that you want to remind yourself of daily?

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Introduction Chapter

Chapter One

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  • Cheree July 8, 2016 at 2:09 pm

    I think I want to print out the paragraph of verbs from thde Westminster Larger Catechism in ways to love and honour God..ALL DAY!! I definitely want to be reminded of this.often.

    This bit also stood out to me (possibly because of the Galations study im also doing and the text (1:10)about seeking aproval of God or man): ‘Honouring God means that the LORDS pleasure and glory come FIRST…giving respect and deference to Him and esteeming Him above opinions of those we love..It means that we are willing to suffer disrespect and even persecution in order to respect Him. We can detect the worship of false gods in our hearts when we honor anything above God.’ This also has something to do with our parenting 😊lets seek Gods approval first and foremost..yes we want to keep our children happy, and want the best for them, but what IS most important is Gods place in their life (not how well they do music, art, sport or anything else..!)

    • Tash July 12, 2016 at 9:58 am

      Yes! And if you look at WC number 1 – what is man’s chief aim? To glorify God – applies to your children as well! xx


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