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tea with me :: Mid March

March 13, 2014


If you were to stop in and have tea with me, there would be a lot to catch up on. 

As I have a mild touch of the flu – either from the flu shot I had on Monday, or from way too much love from my sniffling, coughing kiddlets, I’d suggest you go sit over there on the other couch. 

We might discuss a certain little bit of news that may have reached your burning ears. Yes! I’m expecting a baby in September. With the news of the baby came a lot of stress as to how things would turn out this time. Every day is a matter of handing over to God and counting blessings. I have been well, just very tired – reminding me that I am not as young as I once was.  As my GP so kindly told me “You have to take it easy, you are considered an ‘older mum’ ” Oh, thanks! 

You might ask how Dad was.  He is home again after another stint in hospital. Every day we pray that his pain can be managed, and when the kids pray, they always add ‘give Opa a good night’s sleep’. It’s been tough trying to be there as much as I can as well as manage the fatigue that hits me like a tonne of bricks without much rhyme or reason and at any time of day. The support that the rest of my siblings, the extended family, mum and dad’s friends and the church community give so freely to Dad and Mum is amazing. Meals and cards that get delivered always come at just the right time. As a friend who is going through a family trauma at present said to me “I just don’t know how we would do it without the bigger church family‘. 

You might spy a package on the kitchen bench and I’d tell you it’s full of secret crafty business. Having a kiddo who loves to create keeps me on my toes and wanting to make beautiful things with her and as soon as I have a prototype ready, I’ll let you in on the goss!


I’d be itching* to tell you about the a great book I’ve downloaded onto the kindle lately and I’d tell you have to download it too! It’s Spiritual Mothering by Susan Hunt and it’s a must read for any woman that is no longer classified as ‘young’ and are wanting to help the younger, less experienced in their church family.

You might comment on how quiet the house is.  It is. One child down on an overnight excursion makes a heap of difference to the noise levels in my house. There is something great about having a child down every now and then. It changes the dynamics of your house in a good way as it allows more time for the ‘leftovers’ to have a bigger, stronger voice and more time with mum and dad. 

Time to finish the last sip of our tea and wind up the visit. 

Thanks for coming by, there’s washing to fold and a dinner to make! 


*so not a nice word around here at the moment.  Not lice, not ringworm, not bites but some weird hormone induced rash. ‘scuse me while I go scratch :)


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  • Lisa March 13, 2014 at 7:43 pm

    Thanks for the cuppa!
    Can SO relate to the tiredness while pregnant, every single day of the 9 months. And the OB would just keep reminding me that that was no surprise whatsoever being older! Gotta love the tricks the hormones get up to. But hey, totally worth it in the end. :)
    God bless.

  • Annaleis March 14, 2014 at 9:26 am

    Take it easy just like the doctor ordered. Thanks for the cuppa would love to share with one with you.
    Annaleis recently posted…Back Up Day – Back to School PhotosMy Profile

    • Tash March 16, 2014 at 7:55 am

      Oh, me too Annaleis – when you have to spend a day in Perth, message me via FB and we will do tea! And yes, getting my ‘feet up’ time every day! xx

  • Bron March 19, 2014 at 6:30 pm

    Hey Congratulations that is wonderful news…..glad there are some good things going on for you and that your dad is doing Ok. xxx
    Bron recently posted…Weekend SnippetsMy Profile

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