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in the kitchen {Couscous Salad}

March 1, 2013


Couscous Salad (serves 6)


250gr pearl couscous (Israeli couscous)

1 small brown onion chopped finely

2 cups chicken stock

2 tbsp olive oil (and extra for dressing)

3 large tomatoes cut into segments

1 lebanese cucumber halved, deseeded and cut into slices

100 gr feta cheese

handful of pistachios (unsalted and peeled)

handful of pitted and chopped dates

handful of dried cranberries

handful of fresh coriander washed and chopped roughly

one lemon

salt and pepper to taste


1. Heat large pan over medium heat. Add the olive oil and onions.  Cook onions until transparent.

2. Add the couscous and cook until the couscous gets a little colour and is coated with the oil.

3. Add the chicken stock, season with salt and pepper (watch the salt, as the stock often has quite a lot in it) stir and then cover. Stir occasionally.  It should take about ten minutes to cook. Fluff the couscous and pour into a large bowl for serving.

4. When the couscous is cooled, add the rest of the ingredients and fold in gently.

5. Squeeze one lemon over the salad, season again if it needs it. Pour about three tablespoons of olive oil all over the salad and mix again.

6. Ready for eating!  Goes well with any meat.


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