School Holidays :: Puzzles and Colouring


Nothing nicer than sitting down with a cuppa to break up the morning’s activities and assemble a puzzle and do some mindful colouring. 

I am a puzzle snob and I love the Ravensburger ones. Durable, fantastic quality and always lovely graphics. Today we had a puzzle challenge Paige and I. Two, two hundred piece puzzles and the timer was on. I should have known better as I was up against the child who was completing one hundred piece puzzles at the age of three- upside down! I was duly beaten and boy, did she love to rub it in. ‘Oh Mum, let me help you finish it off.”

The colouring books? One is a Johanna Basford one, the other a generic from the local news agent. 

Ruth de Vos has a eucalyptus page for you to print and colour. Here.

Lauren Merrick an underwater one! Here.

Emma Farrarons has a leafy one for you! Here.


Who is your child’s safe person at school?



adjective : protected from or not exposed to danger or risk; not likely to be harmed or lost.

This week a friend told me about how she asked her children who would be the person they turned to in a time of distress at school. She was surprised with their choice, as it wasn’t their ‘favourite teacher’ and I thought to myself, who would be my children’s safe person? 

Yesterday afternoon, with all the kids in the car, I asked the question and two responses were their favourite teachers and one choice was not what I expected. Typical me, I delved deeper and asked them why they had made these choices. One response: That person was always kind to them. Another: That person was predictable in their moods. Another: That person was someone who they knew was good at encouraging.

It had never occurred to me that I should ‘rehearse’ this question with my kids. As parents Rob and I talk to them about protective behaviours, we discuss the hard topics like bullying, sexual abuse, physical abuse and I kick myself now to think that sure, they knew what SHOULDN’T happen to them, but we hadn’t talked to them about WHO they could go to in a frightening situation.

School is not the only place that kids need a safe person. If they are in regular extra-curricular events, often have sleep overs, ask the question – do you feel safe in those situations and who would you choose as your safe person? 

Have you asked your children who their ‘safe person’ at school would be? 

Why I won’t be colouring my profile picture with a rainbow.


*I will not be publishing comments on this blog post. 

If you’d like to communicate with me, do it respectfully and to my email account. 


My social media forums are now peppered with little rainbow profile pictures.

I won’t be colouring mine.


It’s easy for me – it’s a black and white matter, no colour involved.

Homosexuality is an unnatural sin. 

God created marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

Even though governments all over the world may recognise same-sex unions as ‘marriages’ they won’t be in my eyes. 

Do I hate those who live a same-sex lifestyle? No. I do hate with a passion the sin in their lives and I know that I am no better than any of them. Every day I persist in things that I know I shouldn’t. Every day I need God’s Grace just as much as the next person, just as much as the next same-sex couple.

Do I hate those who support the same-sex movement? No. I do pray that they will one day realise that this is not how our Creator ordained marriage to be upheld. 

I know that this will ostracise me in some of my circles on social media. But I ask you this? You are seeking acceptance for a group of people who you say are marginalised, segregated, ostracised, and the sad thing is that you will probably do the same to me. Just for telling you what is firmly planted in my heart.

And that is ok as I am content in what I confess every single day of my life.

A few pearls of wisdom I learned from Jackie French :: Getting kids to read


Yesterday I had the pleasure of listening to Jackie French talk about how to inspire kids to learn to read and enjoy it. For someone who willingly hordes Australian children picture books, I might have had a bit more than a fan-girl moment! 

Her talk was informative and jam-packed full of great ideas and I’d be here till Christmas if I told you them all, so I think this is an easy way to get the message across! Via pretty pictures. Enjoy.




What tips do you have to get kids to enjoy reading?