Slow Days :: Holidays at Home

DSC 0827 Slow Days :: Holidays at HomeDSC 0829 Slow Days :: Holidays at Home DSC 0830 Slow Days :: Holidays at Home DSC 0831 Slow Days :: Holidays at Home DSC 0832 Slow Days :: Holidays at HomeDSC 0835 Slow Days :: Holidays at Home DSC 0836 Slow Days :: Holidays at Home DSC 0837 Slow Days :: Holidays at HomeDSC 0840 Slow Days :: Holidays at HomeDSC 0842 Slow Days :: Holidays at Home DSC 0843 Slow Days :: Holidays at HomeThese are the days that make being a stay at home mum just simply the best. 

Slow breakfasts of ‘have what you like as long as you put it away after you are done’.

Slow mornings of crocheting on the couch, building Lego villages.

Slow afternoons of constructing furniture to make things more organised.

Slow days shopping with just the girls. Buying ridiculous things for the house like a totally nerdy retort stand and conical glass (thanks o – year seven science nerd…he obviously listens in class)

Slow days of leaving the bean bags out.  

Slow days doodling and being able to leave it just where you left it, only to go back to it whenever you want. 

Are you a person that relishes slow days? Or do you like to have all your holidays scheduled? 

The Last of the Summer Tomatoes

DSC 0826 The Last of the Summer Tomatoes

I picked the last of my summer cherry tomatoes this morning.  All two of them.  Not even a handful.  So I ate them.  You could have called it a pre breakfast snack. 

Now all that is left of my magnificent cherry tomato plants is a tangly mess of tired tomato stalks and a few shrivelled tomato skeletons. 

It’s time to pull them out.  It’s time to give the herbs a good haircut.  It’s time to shovel some of the old soil into the other garden beds and around my roses. 

New beds will be layered with hay, fertilizer and compost, ready for the winter garden. 

It’s an exciting time of year! 

What’s happening in your garden today? 

DSC 0822 The Last of the Summer Tomatoesevidence Katniss has been practicing her archery… was the basil her target? 

Sedge Stitch Cowl

DSC 0818 Sedge Stitch Cowl

Last week I started working on a Crimson Red Sedge Stitch Cowl for Chiara using Moda Vera’s Ambruni yarn. 

The Ambruni range is about a 12 ply, made of a mixture of Acrylic, Alpaca and Wool.  Using two strands and a size 6.5 hook, the cowl worked up quick. A Sedge Stitch is worked in lots of three or four, depending on what instructions you use and is a combination of single and double crochets.

DSC 0816 Sedge Stitch Cowl

The pattern I used was from the Aesthetic Nest blog.  The only thing I changed was I made the cowl wider, using 90 chains instead of 60 which allowed the cowl to drape a little more and I completed 14 rows instead of the 13. 

It turned out fabulous.. and drum roll everyone… Tash actually finished something!! Yay for me! 

DSC 0819 Sedge Stitch Cowl

Ok, enough bragging… (but it is actually a big deal…..) Go forth and make a cowl or two! 

DSC 0814 Sedge Stitch Cowl

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