Small Group Bible Book Club

    May 25, 2016


    She hunted me down in the school car park. 

    ‘Tash I think you should come along on Thursday arvo to a book club I am starting.” 

    “1pm, bring Paige and read the first chapter of ‘In the Grip of Grace.’

    That was almost eight years ago. 


    That brief encounter was the beginning of a wonderful journey with three amazing ladies who have become my dear friends. It was the beginning of my ‘Bible book club life’. (By Bible I mean any book that is a non-fiction Christian title)

    I look back on the past years and I can say without a doubt that God brought us together and He made no mistakes in choosing which ladies would be my closest confidants. We have been through so much as a group; births, deaths, teenagers…and oh, so much more.  We know who to call when the going gets tough or when we just need a cuppa. 

    When we get together, we talk about the chapter that we have all read. We pick out the bits that really stood out, the bits that we need to talk through and sometimes bits that we don’t entirely agree with. But mainly we just talk and debrief about things that are going on in our lives, share stories or give much-needed advice for the youngest. (Me by far..ha ha..)

    Small group Bible Book Club is not a replacement for the Bible Study groups we have at church and it shouldn’t be the only ‘spiritual food’ you feast on in your life. It’s an addition to Bible Study and Personal Bible Study, and yes, if you want to, you will fit it into your busy schedule!  

    So, if you’d like to start a Bible Book Club, where would you start? Choose a book, ask a few people to join you and set a time to meet. Some people you invite may say no, and that is ok. Don’t choose people who you are close to already and think outside the box. Who knows, they could end up being a good friend! 


    A few things to think about..

    1. Keep your group small. Four members would be tops. Any more and some people will stop talking and sharing. 
    2. Everyone has to agree on a book. (Apart from the one you start with) Take a vote. If halfway through a book and none of you are enjoying it. Stop. Choose another. 
    3. Keep it informal. 
    4. Be committed to meeting on a regular basis. Once a fortnight, once a month. 
    5. Kids are always welcome. 
    6. Invoke a cone of silence about what you discuss. Keep your mouth shut about what you discuss. Be trustworthy. 

    What to read? There are so many good books available. Tim Challies wrote an awesome blog post about how to choose a book and you can read it here

    Some books I have thoroughly enjoyed are:

    The Envy of Eve

    A Way with Words

    Do you belong to a Bible Book Club?  What book have you read together? 

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