Thermomix Cherry Ripe Bliss Balls

    October 26, 2016


    Ok, the secret may be out. Cherry Ripe is one of my favourite chocolate bars. The cherry, the coconut, the chocolate mixed into one delicious morsel is well, just yum!

    These could be classified as a healthier alternative. 


    100gr cacoa nibs

    good pinch of salt flakes

    one teaspoon of vanilla essence

    200gr coconut (I like to use shredded for the ball contents)

    100gr almonds 

    200gr glace cherries

    15gr coconut oil

    Extra desiccated coconut to coat finished bliss balls (This is optional)


    Combine cacoa nibs, salt, essence and almonds in TMX bowl mix Speed 8 for 1 min. The bowl will heat up a bit. Stop halfway and scrape down sides. 

    Add the coconut, cherries and coconut oil.  Using the closed lid function and the turbo button, pulse until the cherries are broken up and ingredients are well mixed. (If you like chunky bliss balls, mix for less time)

    Roll mixture into balls (about one tablespoon per ball) and coat in desiccated coconut. 

    Keep in the fridge and enjoy whenever a bliss ball is needed to brighten your day! 

    As always, you can convert this recipe to use with a regular set of scales, and a standard food processor. 


    This is well known around here as the ‘Bliss Ball Smuggle”

    What is your favourite flavour Bliss Ball?

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