Kale :: Growing, Cooking and everything else you need to know

kale Kale :: Growing, Cooking and everything else you need to know

Did you know that right now there is a worldwide Kale shortage

Apparently the world is eating so much Kale that suppliers are finding it hard to keep up with demand. 

There’s no shortage of it at the moment in my garden as it is FULL of Kale and purely for the one reason that it is just so easy to grow during the cooler months. 

If you are a dedicated gardener and grow all your produce from seed you have missed the opportunity to grow Kale this year. To seed Kale, it needs to be in at the latest towards the end of Summer. The ground will just be too cold or too wet for those little seeds to germinate and flourish now. 

For me, it’s all about convenience and pure gardening laziness; I buy my Kale by the punnet. All it needs is some well-drained compost to go into, full sun (well, as much sun as there is about during the cooler months), regular watering and room to grow… Kale that doesn’t get enough water will turn out to be bitter and have a sharp aftertaste (like most Brassica family veggies), so keep those roots well watered – even through the rainy months. 

Last year I grew good ol’ Curly Kale and this year it’s all about Black Kale (or Nero Di Toscana) and for a garden nerd like me, just watching it grow is just too cool for school. See here for a list of Kale varieties. 

DSC 0210 Kale :: Growing, Cooking and everything else you need to know

Kale is classified as one of those funky ‘superfoods‘ because of it is jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, is a great antioxidant and is proven to lower cholesterol. If it’s so good to eat and so easy to grow, why don’t you grow some yourself? 

Around here we use most of our Kale in daily smoothies. It doesn’t have a strong taste – only a vibrant green colour and is great combined with some almond milk and what ever fruit you have in the fridge / freezer. 

For Kale recipes, look no further than Taste and Matt Preston for some ideas. 

Go buy a punnet and plant it today… 

Or if you do grow it in your own garden… what do you use it for? DSC 0208 Kale :: Growing, Cooking and everything else you need to know



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Happy Birthday to our Paigey

paigey Happy Birthday to our Paigey

Today my baby turns nine. 

When did that happen? 

She’s one big part of our loud, never boring household.

She’s our double-dimpled cheeked, brown-eyed girl who loves the colour blue. A budding chef who tackles any recipe on her own with gusto and who would rather be on the golf course with her brother than shopping with mum. She loves math like I’ve never seen in anyone before, and she has just worked out that books are rad and so now I add another child to my ‘must check on them to make sure their light is actually off and book away after lights out” list.

She’s our go-getter and at the same time, the one we worry about most. Asthma is a daily concern. Still.  Medications are just part of her daily routine and puffers and spacers are never far away. 

This year hasn’t been easy for her. She was one of “Opa’s girls” and often she will blurt out “I wish I could just go see him”. He was her Memory partner and she would frequently thrash him in a game much to her delight. She jokes now about how she won’t get told off for having thongs on in Winter by him anymore and yet I know deep down she misses that sort of banter with him. 

Her life is going to be turned upside down in the next few months again. She’s still my baby as she daily reminds me, but Lord willing, not for much longer. I don’t think she’ll let that unnerve her as she always takes daily life in her stride and I’m sure she will relish having some one younger than her to boss around. 

She’s our Paigey Poo, our Puglet and our little pill. 

We thank God for her every day. 

Ps 106 :1

Praise the LORD! Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.

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Girl or Boy? Why we aren’t finding out!

Untitled Girl or Boy? Why we arent finding out!Quite simply :: because Rob and I love surprises! And whether it will be a boy or a girl at the end of those nine months is just one of the very few REAL surprises you get in life! 

Us not finding out is driving the only boy in the house crazy..

We’ve been told that it’s just the done thing, why don’t you just do it?

DSC 0187 Girl or Boy? Why we arent finding out!

It’s something that EVERYONE asks you… I should add it to this post.

Plus.. people do get it wrong! 

And I just love adding to and culling our names list on a regular basis.. there are so many great boys and girls names! 

Did you find out? Did they get it right? 

DSC 0183 Girl or Boy? Why we arent finding out!


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