a slow, crafty July school holiday

Term three of the school year has just gone back after two and a half weeks of school holidays. 

IMG 0296 a slow, crafty July school holiday

These holidays seemed unusually long and being someone who likes having the kids home and getting into that non-routine of holidays, I was even champing at the bit to get those kids off to school last Thursday! 

DSC 0202 a slow, crafty July school holidayRob was away for ten of the days, so things went even slower. I tend to cook easier meals, have less inclination to do that quick late afternoon rush when he is away. Not that he ever has any expectations of everything being perfect (that illusion is long gone), it’s just the way I like it. I like to make sure things are kind of organised when he gets home from work! 

DSC 0203 a slow, crafty July school holiday

Our days were filled with pompom making, loom band creating (arrgghhh), softie making, lego city building and dog pampering. Easy meals were the go and sleep-ins were a must! 

DSC 0189 a slow, crafty July school holiday

Do you like to stay in routine during school holidays? Or do you relax the rules a little? 

DSC 0191 a slow, crafty July school holiday


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Making a Whole Cloth Quilt :: And Mitred Corners

wcq Making a Whole Cloth Quilt :: And Mitred CornersNot your usual fabric snob, I tend to buy most of my fabric when it’s on sale at Spotlight, except on a few occasions when I venture to my favourite fabric and quilting shop which is only ten minutes away. The range of fabric they stock is just amazing and every time I go there I feel like a kid in a candy store and will undoubtedly come out with something…

Last time I went I bought one and a half metres of an orange deer all over print from the ‘Oh Deer’ range by Moda

When I bought it, the plan wasn’t to make a whole quilt, but as it sat on my sewing desk I realised that I loved the fabric so much that I would never be able to cut into it. So.. what do you do when you are in that predicament? Either stash it away for a day when you are brave – or make a whole cloth quilt! 

A whole cloth quilt is quite simply – one piece of material that has a whole cloth backing, some batting and binding. The first thing you need to do is make sure that your feature whole cloth, your batting and your backing are all the same size (Don’t worry if it’s a little out, as you will square it up later) Iron the top and bottom layers to get out any creases that may make your fabric lumpy. 

For a some ideas on just how different Whole Cloth Quilts can be.. take a look at my inspiration board here!

DSC 0192 Making a Whole Cloth Quilt :: And Mitred CornersThen it’s a quick wipe of the kitchen bench and tape my backing cloth down.. usually with masking tape – but washi will do! 

Lay your batting on top and then your feature whole cloth. 

DSC 0193 Making a Whole Cloth Quilt :: And Mitred CornersStart flattening your quilt from the middle using the palm of your hand and pin every handspan. Don’t skimp on this as the more pins you have, the better your result. 

DSC 0194 Making a Whole Cloth Quilt :: And Mitred Corners DSC 0196 Making a Whole Cloth Quilt :: And Mitred CornersOnce you have done pinning and are happy with how flat your material is laying – take it to your machine and quilt it. How and what design you quilt is up to you. I used my walking foot and guide, plus a big stitch and quilted horizontal lines two inches apart. 

When you are satisfied with the quilting, give your quilt a quick iron. Then it’s time to square up your quilt. I use a method similar to this

Now for the binding…  I cut my fabric 2.5 inches wide and join them on the diagonal. Cutting off the excess, I then iron flat and then in half. Just Google “How to make quilt binding….” if I’ve lost you there.. and now you thought I’d give you a link didn’t you?

Now for the mitred corners…

DSC 0215 Making a Whole Cloth Quilt :: And Mitred CornersLine the raw edges of your binding and your quilt. Stitch using a 1/4 inch foot and leave a tail unstitched as you begin as you will need to tuck this into the other end as you finish. 

DSC 0217 Making a Whole Cloth Quilt :: And Mitred CornersStop a few inches before the corner of your quilt. If you aren’t confident with eyeballing, make a mark a 1/4 inch from the bottom of your quilt. 

DSC 0218 Making a Whole Cloth Quilt :: And Mitred CornersStitch up till this mark. If you have a stay stitch programmed on your machine use that, otherwise do some backstitches. Lift your presser foot and pull the quilt away from the machine. You can cut your threads here, but I leave them, tucking them into the binding as I hand stitch it to the back. 

DSC 0220 Making a Whole Cloth Quilt :: And Mitred CornersNext flip your binding upwards so that it has a 45 deg angle fold. Finger press into place. DSC 0221 Making a Whole Cloth Quilt :: And Mitred CornersGrab the tail of the binding and fold it back down along the next edge of your quilt. Make sure you have a nice neat, square corner. 

DSC 0222 Making a Whole Cloth Quilt :: And Mitred CornersMake another mark 1/4 inch from the corner. Pop your quilt under your presser foot again, lower your needle on the mark. Use a stay stitch again, or otherwise start stitching and then do some backstitching to reinforce your corner. Keep sewing all the way down till you get to your next corner and repeat! Or, if you are like me and need visual reinforcement that I have done it right, check your corner…

It should have a nice mitred corner! 

DSC 0223 Making a Whole Cloth Quilt :: And Mitred Corners DSC 0225 Making a Whole Cloth Quilt :: And Mitred CornersWhen you have finished machine stitching your binding, give it a good iron and pin it towards the back. 

DSC 0230 Making a Whole Cloth Quilt :: And Mitred CornersFor a tutorial on how to hand stitch your binding onto the back of your quilt look no further than here! 

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500 Posts Giveaway :: 5 of my favourite things

5favgood 500 Posts Giveaway :: 5 of my favourite things500 posts and thousands of comments… and it’s all useless unless I have a community of readers! And I have a great group of people that follow along and for that I am grateful. So, to thank one of you I am having a giveaway. 

Here are 5 of my favourite things at the moment and this little package will go to one of my readers! 

1. Typo Stickers… 

I’m a sucker for stickers and these are just great! Perfect for embellishing a card, envelope or use them in your journalling!

2. Partylite Votive Candles…

Hardly ever a day goes by without a candle being burned in my house. The giveaway includes a pack of 6 “Be Relaxed” scented candles. 

3. Tonic Soap…

A little Australian made Tonic Goat’s Milk Soap.

4. Typo “Take Notes” Journal..

I am a list person. I make them, may never look at them again.. but I do make lists all the time! These Typo journals are perfect for popping in your handbag.

5. Colouring Book..

Yep, you’ve seen right! I love these books so much we have a pile of them on the dining table with a pot of pencils.

To enter: 

Leave a comment below telling me which was your favourite Little Bit of Thyme post.. be creative!  Make sure you leave your email address with the comment so that I can contact you! Open internationally!

**** **** ****

Terms and Conditions:

1. One entry per person allowed.

2. To enter, simply comment on this post telling me which of the 500 posts on Little Bit of Thyme was your favourite.. be creative! 

3. Include your email address or a link to your website where I can comment or find your email address.

4. This competition is open to entrants internationally.

5. This competition is hosted by the Little Bit of Thyme blog and not affiliated to, endorsed by or administered by Facebook or WordPress.

6. The prize consists of one book of Typo stickers, one six pack of Partylite Votive Candles, one bar of Tonic Goat’s milk soap, one Typo ‘Take Notes’ Journal and one Hinkler ‘Pretty Patterns’ Colouring Book and total prize value (not including postage and handling) is AU $59.

7. Competition opens 6:00am Wednesday 23 July 2014 and closes 5.59pm Friday 8 August 2014 AWST.

8. This competition is a game of creativity and the winner will be based on the most interesting comment as judged by me,  Tash (author of Little Bit of Thyme) , and will notified by email and via a post on the Little Bit of Thyme blog on Monday 11 August 2014 and on the Little Bit of Thyme page on Facebook. 

**** **** ****

So go on.. leave a comment and get creative… what was your favourite of the 500 posts? 


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