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    The Joy of Dressing up

    June 28, 2016


    It makes a mess, you can never quite get over just how much stuff is in that dress up box, you spend more time adjusting their hat or veil, but oh boy, children have so much joy dressing up! 

    Dressing up not only encourages imagination,  it also helps develop fine motor skills, and broadens your child’s vocabulary. 

    Having random pieces, and things that can have multiple uses is perfect for a dress up box!

    DSC_0092 DSC_0099

    Some things you could start a dress up box with:

    shoes, scarves, necklaces, hats, skirts, vests, dresses, sheets, pegs, fake flowers, socks, aprons, belts, bags, ice cream containers.

    A fabulous article about children learning through dressing up can be found here @ Mom.Me


    What is a favourite piece in your children’s dress up box ?


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