ten things about me & what I look like when I blog

Photo on 27-01-2015 at 4.26 pm

Me. This is what I look like when I sit at my computer. This is what I usually look like when I blog. Left hand holding up the head as apparently my neck can't do the job on it's own. I can't remember if I even brushed my hair this morning after my shower. It's just too hot to think of things like that at the moment in Perth! I am so thankful for aircon and fridges and water and a happy baby and content kids. I just wanted to share with you ten things that you might not know about me as I am the Queen of Oversharing (yes, that is a place). 1. My hair is now almost totally grey. Each time … [Read more...]

Stitch in Thyme Tutorials – Make your own Pillow cases with French flair

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There is nothing like a pretty pillowcase or two to spruce up a bedroom. Choose some fresh cotton fabric and tailor them to your taste and decor. I chose two vintage inspired prints for these two that I whipped up the other day for my girls. Make your own pillow cases Gather ::  two pieces of cotton fabric (see measurements below) sewing machine coordinating thread scissorsDo :: Cut two pieces of material for each pillow case. One 20 x 30 in, the other 20 x 37 inch. While you are at it, why not make two at the same time, like I did? Take the 30 inch piece and fold … [Read more...]

talking about creating new and breaking bad habits

“Habit is habit, and not to be flung out

Did you know if you do something often enough, it becomes easier to do, it becomes nature? It's the way God created our brains. Every little thing we do is governed by tiny electrical impulses which get fired from parts of the brain needed for a particular task. The first time these pathways are used, it's slow going. When these actions are repeated, the brain works the pathway out quicker and then as it is repeated often enough, it becomes a natural occurrence. Think of it like a baby learning all those new skills as they grow. It's all very stilted at first. Then it becomes more fluid and … [Read more...]