Dealing with the End of Year Art Explosion


On the last day of school I pull these three storage boxes down from the top shelf in my linen cupboard.  The kids each have one box each just for school work that they want to keep.  Every year they go through what is already in the box and work out if they want to keep it. If it doesn't fit it can't be kept.  You can see by how full Paige's five years worth is, compared to Chiara's twelve years worth that over time, they become better at working out what is important to keep and what isn't.  During the year any art that comes home and they deem worthy of … [Read more...]

Thankful Thursday :: Learning it’s not all about you


You know the times where someone asks you how you are,  you reply and somehow it all becomes about them?  You know how you hear of a situation that is happening in the news and you talk to someone and it all becomes about them?  You know how you go through something in your life and it turns out that the person you are talking to has gone through exactly the same thing?  Well. Lets just take a step back and guess what?  It's not all about you!  That's right.  We all do it from time to time. We all need to stop, listen and not make it all … [Read more...]

You Look Tired Cushion :: Screen Print Template


For Lachlan's birthday I screen printed a simple design onto a cushion. I'm calling it the "You look Tired Cushion". It's easy to do, once you know how and have all the equipment!  Go here for very basic instructions on how to screen print.  The cushion cover I used was from Ikea and cost only $5! The design I made on Word Swag a smart phone app that has a great selection of graffiti styled fonts that I needed to get that 'grunge teenager look'. Below you'll find an image and a pdf to use if you'd like to make the same cushion!  You Look Tired PDF Bed … [Read more...]

Watermelon, Mint & Basil Salad


  Theres nothing better than an easy, refreshing Watermelon Salad!   Gather :: Half a seedless Watermelon, chopped into small pieces Half red onion, chopped finely Handful of basil leaves, washed and torn into small pieces Handful of mint leaves, washed and chopped into small pieces Do ::  Mix together and serve! How easy peasy was that?    … [Read more...]