Chewy Lemon Slice


I love any slice, cake or biscuit that has lemon in it and I’d go so far as to say that if you don’t, we will never be able to be friends. That might be a little harsh, but I have to have boundaries and most importantly…standards! 

This slice is a favourite from Joy the Baker and I have translated it into Thermomix speak just for you. It has a shortbread base and lemon topping that crisps up a little and goes ever so slightly meringuey. (totally a word!) 

If you don’t have a Thermomix, head over to Joy’s blog and grab the recipe from there. 

Chewy Lemon Slice

Serves 16
Misc Freezable, Serve Cold



  • 130g Butter (Unsalted and at room temperature)
  • 130g Caster Sugar
  • 150g Plain Flour
  • pinch Salt


  • 2 Eggs ((Make them Free Rangers please!))
  • 150g Caster Sugar
  • Zest of one lemon
  • Juice of one lemon (making 1/4 cup)
  • 30g Plain Flour


Adapted for a Thermomix from the Lemon Bar recipe found on Joy the Baker.


Step 1
Preheat oven to 180 C. Line a rectangular slice tin (mine was 15 x 30cm) with baking paper and set aside.
Step 2
Combine sugar and butter in TMX bowl with butterfly insert on Speed 4, 30 seconds.
Step 3
Scrape sides of bowl down and add the flour and salt. Knead for 10 seconds on Interval. Scrape down sides again and repeat. The dough will begin to clump together. Don't worry if it's not completely combined.
Step 4
Press base mixture into baking tray and bake for 15 min till golden brown on 180 C.
Step 5
Take cooked base out of oven and allow to cool.
Step 6
Place sugar and lemon rind into TMX bowl and blitz 5 seconds, speed 9. Scrape down sides of bowl and then repeat.
Step 7
Add eggs to sugar/lemon mixture and using the butterfly, mix 1 minute, speed 4. Scrape down sides of your TMX bowl.
Step 8
Add flour and juice and mix for a further 10 seconds on speed 4 until combined.
Step 9
Pour mixture over cooked and cooled base. Return to oven and cook for 15 at 180 C until top starts to brown and there is no wobble in the middle.
Step 10
Allow to cool and dust with icing sugar. Cut up into squares and consume!


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Do you have a favourite Lemon recipe? 

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To learn the art of slowing down

DSC_0796This photo has nothing to do with this post..

It was one of Dad’s things he said to me. Often.

‘Slow down.’

He’d say it quietly and unobtrusively when others were around and he’d say it as I left their house, most probably rushing off somewhere to get something done.  

He’d tell me to come and sit. 

He wanted me to relax and enjoy the moment.


When you rush through life you miss so many things. You miss moments, emotions and the tiny nuances that make our lives so beautiful. When you are so busy, your head is so full of things that you need to remember, you are never truly in the moment. When you are flat out it’s those around you that suffer along with you. And what for? And who for?

I sometimes think, what is my busyness teaching my children? What standards am I worshipping? What will they think is ‘normal mum behaviour?’

Over the past year I have started to purposefully search my heart and think about what constant busyness has meant in my life and how I could change for the better. I’ve had to think about how was I going to be ok with not doing so much and I soon realised that it’s not just about time, and the quiet and the slow of it all. It’s about contentment and accepting the feeling that it’s ok not to be a supermum, friend, sister, daughter who has every box ticked and every detail perfected.

So where am I right now? I think I am getting there and slowly but surely things are changing. I can feel in myself a calm and a willingness to be ok with slow.  

Some things that have helped me, might also help you if you are a busy person. Read more

Persistence pays

My persistent little chef in 2009! Couldn’t even read, yet still wanted to ‘bake’ like Mum. 

One of the things that I desire my children to be good at, is the ol ‘p’ word; Persistence! It’s one of the things I ask God to give them a good measure of each and every day. Yes, I am persistent!

If you look at the dictionary definition of the word persistence, you might think that it’s a strange trait I’d like my kids to have.

“The fact of continuing in an opinion or course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.”

The last bit especially. Why would I want my kids to have to face difficulty or opposition? Don’t I have that nurturing instinct that wants to keep them from all harm? Wrap them up in cotton wool, give them everything instantly without having that achingly long wait till next week, next month?

Don’t I want my kids to be good at everything right now? Don’t I want them to succeed with every single thing they turn their hand to?  Don’t I want them to be happy all the time and not have to grieve or worry about the hard things?

Yes, I’d love to protect them from all that and be the mama lion who roars at the baddies, who grabs my cubs by the scruff of their necks and pulls them away from danger.

But that is not how the world turns. Shielding them in a protective environment will not do them any favours in the long run. So, I hope for them a healthy dose of persistence to get them through and then be able to hold their heads up high when they reach the other side.

God wants us to be persistent people. He never says ‘give up’. He says ‘pray without ceasing‘, ‘press on‘, ‘lay aside every weight‘, ‘seek and you will find‘.

How can you nurture persistence in your children?

Give responsibilities in the house from a young age. Chores!

Encourage hobbies. It’s okay not to like a hobby, but it’s not okay to quit just because it’s hard work.

Model persistence in what you do as a parent. Discuss your failures and discuss your successes! Share.

Expect effort. Don’t expect perfection.

Allow your children to lose at games, and allow them to celebrate their wins.

Let your kids feel sad. Allow them to grieve. Allow them to show their feelings and talk to them about in a safe environment.

Let your kids learn from their mistakes.

Step back when meltdowns occur as you won’t always be there to fix everything. Allow them to come to YOU, not the other way around. More often than not kids will ‘get back onto the bike’, and the incident will soon be long forgotten.

Make sure tasks are age appropriate and break the tasks down if your child is hesitant to even give it a try. Problem solve. Allow your kids to try THEIR way! Teach them how to ask for help politely.

Make sure your child knows how to relax and take time out. Another thing you may need to model if you don’t do already!


Parenting is tough and it’s no wonder that so many books have been written on the topic. In the long run, your kids are your kids! None of them come with their own manual and so our parenting styles and ideals come with a whole lot of trial, plus a whole lot of error tacked on, just to make sure we stay humble and grounded!

There is one thing I have to say and it probably won’t be the last time you hear it from me. Don’t do everything for your kids! They are, and will be more resilient and have a tonne of self satisfaction (which is a GOOD thing) if they learn to persist and get it done themselves! 

How do you nurture persistence in your kids? 

What trait do you really desire your kids to possess?








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